Saturday, February 16, 2019

Raising Children In A Modern Age

We all raising know children is no easy task especially in the modern technology age we currently live in. Child rearing differs from each child being raised. I have been a parent since 2010 having acquired my wife’s older daughters when we got together. We did have two daughters of our own in 2011 and 2012. They were five and three at the time we got together. They mainly lived with there father until last summer when they came with us.
Having them since summer last year has not been easy. Changing years of bad habits from being with there father is not easy. On top of the constant fighting with each other and their younger sisters has not been let’s say a fun everyday occurrence. The older two have issues with doing chores and rather screw around playing games or just flat out arguing with their Mom and I.
Technology plays a factor with their so called “laziness” and disobedience. They would rather sit around watching television or play on their tablets than do anything we say. My wife and I are about at wits end everyday with all four of them. Her having been a parent far longer than I, I thought she would have more patience and or skills to impart to myself. Though I learned parenting is a learning experience all the time. Trying to find out what works and what doesn’t.
                The older two are thirteen and twelve, raising teenagers presents me new challenges to face. I have only had to raise children at ages before the teenage era. The youngest are eight and six, my skills lie with children that age. Though they have their own moments where I have to figure a new way to handle the situations as they arise. Yelling and screaming is not always the answer in any situation. I am finding out that half time having a calm conversation doesn’t really help all the time either.
                In the end I am trying to keep my calm and stay the course of a responsible and caring parent. My own issues tend to cloud my judgement slightly, I have post traumatic stress disorder from my military experience and childhood hardships. That usually does not help when I have had enough of the crap they pull on occasion and I tend to go overboard sometimes with yelling and screaming. I would imagine that is any parent that has had enough of the bullshit children can do and as adults we know its rather stupid for them to be doing.